My dream about LeBron, a random guy and the lead singer of Greta Van Fleet

**I have weird dreams so I’m going to start writing them down and seeing what happens. Sorry if this is scattered – I’m writing as I remember. Ok, begin.

I think I was at Whole Foods? Some kind of grocery store. Not sure why I was there but so was LeBron (he was wearing a red t-shirt) and somehow we made the arrangement that he would come home with me for some kind of family party.

We got to my house and then the dream shifted. I was dating a guy with a piercing that looked like a quarter under his bottom lip. It was tye-dye and made from a stack of coins (a quarter on top, nickel behind it, dime behind that and a penny on the bottom). I just remember riding back and forth on a train with him until he finally got on a bus and left.

Once coin boy left me, I ended up at a Greta Van Fleet concert. It is important to know that this concert took place in what looked like the Wild West (picture a random outside venue in the middle of a desert). The crowd was completely full, and Josh Kiszka (lead singer) somehow ended up next to me and he brought me on stage. I sang with a blindfold on and then fell backwards, crowdsurfing. When I was let down I looked around and the crowd looked like a disaster relief zone. What was left of the crowd was under tents in a roped area.

After this we ended up at my aunts house (but not really my aunts house) that had a lot of secret pathways. Josh was still there, and someone, I can’t remember who, REALLY hated him. So, my aunt and I hid him in huge suitcases around the house.


That’s about all I can remember. If you analyze dreams… what is happening.

Special shout out to Lindsay Mutz for telling me to post this. TBD on if that was a good call or not.




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