Money won’t take you to Mars

*This post is inspired by one of my life-changing shower thoughts*

I don’t know a lot about science so I don’t really know where we’re at in this whole moving to another planet deal. I do know that I will gladly burn to death on Earth rather than risk space travel to get somewhere else (space is one of my many fears). I’ve seen a lot of tweets about Mars though so maybe that’s where everyone is planning on moving?

Either way, I realized the other day that it is very unlikely that a lot of rich people will make it to the next planet – isn’t that kind of exciting? I mean literally what would rich people be able to provide once we got there. A few of them need to go to pay for supplies obviously, but they can’t just stand there and tell this new civilization to build itself.

If there are only 1,000 spots on a spaceship we’re going to need a lot of trades people to build everything, women to populate (if they want) and probably the fab five from Queer Eye to make sure we still have style and confidence on Earth 2.

I mean yeah Amazon is great here but if I’m on a new planet what good is Amazon prime? It would take literal light years to get anything and I’m sure the shipping prices would be insane – and unless Jeff Bezos wants to buy a separate spacecraft to move all of the products over I think Amazon inventory is going to be a little low over on Mars.

Last thing – I know I won’t be there to see it, but if any of you have any pull on the next planet can you at least stop the Disney people? Please.


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