Moving is HARD

I’ve wanted to move somewhere new my entire life. When I was younger I used to hope and dream my parents would move us to a new state, I loved the idea of starting over. Moving to Chicago has honestly been a dream come true, but also it has mostly sucked (fyi, it has sucked a lot less and I’m starting to feel at home, so don’t think this post is going to be completely negative).

Over the last five years I’ve seen a lot of my friends move across the country and live these glamorous lives. They immediately seem to have a great group of friends and are going on all of these adventures – I was so excited to finally be one of them!

At this point we’re all aware that social media is an inaccurate representation of people’s lives, so I knew that the other people moving away could still be having a rough time like I was. What got me is when I actually reached out to the others that have moved away and every single person told me they were adjusting fine and everything is great!! I think that made this a lot harder for me, because then I felt like it wasn’t normal for me to feel so unhappy on this new adventure.

I’ve reminded myself that I hated my first semester of college. I remember one night specifically that I called my mom and told her I was dropping out, and I truly thought I would. College ended up being the best four years of my life and I would do another four years if I could. I’m so, so thankful my mom told me I wasn’t allowed to drop out and that I stuck with it. I’ve been telling myself that I’m just going through the first-semester blues again, and soon everything will get better – and it really has been!

Two things I’ve found helpful are finding other people from Michigan who know what I’m going through and getting involved in an extracurricular (I started an improv class at iO!). Staying busy makes everything seem a lot less lonely.

To anyone who is experiencing the struggle of a new place/experience: Having somewhere to feel comfortable and see familiar faces at is super important, because that’s mostly why moving (and any new experience, really) is so hard – nothing is familiar or comfortable anymore. Exploring new parts of the city/finding new reasons to love where I’m at is also something I have found helpful, and need to work on more.

Feel free to reach out if you have anything specific you’d like me to write about!



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