4 Really, Really Good Covers

Personally, most covers drive me nuts. I’d much rather hear a song the way the original artist performed it, but lately I’ve noticed some covers that I like even better than the original (or at least pretty close). Here are a few covers (and their original performer) that I like:

  1. Up and Up – Coldplay (covered by Lennon & Maisy). Coldplay is my absolute favorite band, so it takes a lot for me to like a cover of their music. Lennon and Maisy nailed this cover.
  2. I Hold On – Dierks Bentley (covered by Angie Keilhauer). I loved the original, heard the cover and now I can’t listen to the original anymore. Angie makes the song a lot more exciting and takes the song to new places vocally.
  3. Dancing On My Own – Robin (covered by Calum Scott). The cover speaks for itself. You won’t be able to listen to the original the same way. Taking the song to a slow version, Calum makes it a lot easier to create an emotional connection.
  4. We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off – Jermaine Stewart (covered by Ella Eyre). Ella’s voice just suits this song so well, and it sounds so so so good slow. Her voice is very powerful, almost like a mixture of Adele and Sia (totally read that in the comments on her Vevo, but I agreed).

I do have a tendency to like slower versions of songs if you can’t tell by the covers on here. Anyways, these are some covers that I really enjoy. Let me know what you think!



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