Listening In: Mike Mains

I was lucky enough to hear Mike Mains perform at my university the other night. It was a coffee style set up – a pretty intimate setting for a concert. Mike is an indie rock artist, and I really hadn’t listened to him much before this.

Honestly within the first 30 seconds of the show I turned to my friend and mouthed “wow”. He is gooood. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a smooth voice live. I really can’t emphasize enough how much control he had over his voice. Indie can be pretty tricky technique wise, but this music was SO easy to listen to.

One thing I couldn’t get over was how good Mike was on the guitar. I mean the sounds coming out of his guitar were so deep and resonating.

A song in particular (to watch out for in the fall) that I loved was his song “Renegade” (which is what his new album is also titled). I love most music, but rarely am I ever “taken to another world” when I listen to it. I could literally see this song in my head, it was so weird and so beautiful.

It is also important to add that after the show Mike stayed and talked to EVERYONE. Not just to say hi and take a picture, either. He really was asking people what they were passionate about, why they were passionate about it – the deep stuff. When a girl said she loved a song of his that he didn’t play, he whipped out his guitar and sang for her again.

You could tell that connecting with us was why he was there. I truly believe that if he had an entire stadium full of people listening to his music he would try to connect with all of them individually after the show if he could.

I definitely recommend listening to him on Spotify and buying an album, but I think the best way to fall in love with his music is to find his acoustic stuff on youtube first.

Here’s a good one that also shows his personality:




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