10 Underrated Coldplay Songs

Many of my family and friends, honestly probably even strangers at this point, know that Coldplay is my favorite band. While they have many songs these are some of my favorites (and why) in no particular order:

  1. Violet Hill – My explanation for this one will make zero sense but it just makes me think of colonial men marching around in the snow. I love the fact that this song takes me to another world.
  2. Swallowed in the Sea – There’s a calming swing to this song and it just makes me want to sway my head back and forth and light a candle.
  3. Army of One – I really love the beginning of this song, and just the background music throughout the entire thing.
  4. Strawberry Swing – This song just makes me feel happy.
  5. Life in Technicolor ii – Everything about this song is great. The music has so much going on but it all just goes so well together. Like soup.
  6. Lovers in Japan – This is very strange and specific but this song makes me feel like I’m hiking on a (rare) sunny day in Seattle, which just gives me good vibes. I have never been to Seattle but just roll with me on this one.
  7. Everglow – The. piano. in. this. song. !!!. (Especially the single version)
  8. O – I just want to lay on the ground in the woods and look up at the trees and the sky when I’m listening to this.
  9. Charlie Brown – I didn’t appreciate this song until I saw it live – but once I saw it live I really started to appreciate the beat drops. I love listening to this now, and it is a different sound for the band.
  10. Green Eyes – This song is just so well done. It is so simple and yet so beautiful. I love this song during road trips when the sun is setting/rising.

– EP


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